Camping Lighting

Depending on the type, climate, location and size of a hotel, different types of lighting systems can be considered. Knowing the needs, spaces and uses is key.

Bocca Lighting

Architecture and interior design take on full relevance whenever a new fashion store opens anywhere in the world.

70% Energy Savings

Factors affecting lighting efficiency are the quantity and quality of light, the amount of flicker, amount of light, contrast and shadows, and the poor connection between them all.

Monitoring of bus lines

T he Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of future cities, bringing smart technologies and adding convenience. An important facet of IoT is [...]

Anti-Theft System

Tempel Group has been one of the largest distributors of lithium batteries throughout Latin America for more than 20 years, and was already known as such by the fourth largest telecommunications company for [...]


Tempel Group in collaboration with one of the largest companies with international projection in photovoltaics, has developed a key alliance for the design of an integrated project and the [...]

Body Cam - Transcend

Mining in Colombia is one of the country's main economic engines. Currently, gold, silver, emeralds, platinum, copper, nickel and coal are the most important minerals in the Colombian economy.

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