Depending on the typology, climate, location and size of a hotel, different types of lighting systems can be considered. Knowing well the needs, spaces and uses, will be key to respond to the various needs that arise, bearing in mind a series of aesthetic criteria.

There are several options to reduce consumption also through lighting for this type of projects, and it is obviously a safe bet, in order to position itself as a benchmark within the sector, in terms of sustainability and environment.

In architecture and interior design, integrated and invisible light that is strategically arranged to highlight the most characteristic geometries, textures and plant species will always enhance the client's spaces and experiences, as well as the surrounding landscapes.


But how do you get the perfect lighting design right?

The first of all is to know if the lighting should be more technical than creative or decorative, and secondly, to know well the cycle and use of the life of the same.

Projects with 24/7 open spaces and continuous use should always be advised by a team of professionals seeking the best overall solution.

In this case, the integral solution for this tourist complex included indoor and outdoor lighting, from the lighting for the paddle tennis courts (which complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN12193 standard), the swimming pool, the restaurant or the accesses to the parking lot, among others. A 360º solution carried out by our lighting technical office.

In Tempel Group, our team of engineers for our Lighting Division performs a personalized study based on the needs or shortcomings of each case in order to develop tailored solutions to ensure optimal lighting system. As part of this process, they select the product they believe is best suited and carry out energy efficiency and savings studies in order to ensure maximum quality and savings. Finally, within their 3D lighting study, they accurately and realistically simulate the result that would be obtained with the implementation of the system to check if it is a suitable solution.


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