TEMPEL GROUP is committed to the satisfaction and fulfillment of the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers in our activity of distribution of electronic, electrical, computer and communications products and components, integration and assembly of industrial computer systems and communications networks.

To achieve these commitments, we integrate into our operations an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on processes and oriented towards continuous improvement, which also allows us to establish timely actions that guarantee the continuity of business operations, promote the well-being of our employees, identify and address the needs and demands of our stakeholders in a timely manner, continuously improve our work methods and comply with the legal requirements and regulations that govern our business activities.

We are also committed to implementing measures that promote environmental protection and pollution prevention. Among the measures adopted for this purpose are:

Procure with our suppliers and supply our customers with products and technologies that comply with current legislation on environmental care and protection.

  • To act in accordance with the laws and standards of environmental protection and care applicable to our products and type of economic activity.
  • To propose to our customers products with more efficient technologies that allow a better use and savings of resources, reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Promote the appropriate management of waste generated by our activity through agreements with management, disposal and recycling entities.
  • To promote responsible and socially conscious environmental practices, with the active participation of all members of our organization.
  • To protect the environment by preventing, mitigating and correcting the negative environmental impacts produced as a consequence of the different activities carried out.
  • Establish periodic goals and objectives to drive and ensure continuous improvement.

These commitments are based on a professional, motivated, trained and committed team, and on our corporate values and principles.


Publication date: 11/14/2023 Version: 5

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