• Tempel, S.A. (hereinafter "Tempel") identified with CIF A08526345, a company dedicated to the wholesale trade of electronic and telecommunications equipment and its components, with registered office at Calle Cobalto, 4, CP: 08907 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, Spain. It establishes the terms and conditions governing the sales and delivery of goods and services.
    • These Terms and Conditions of Sale are of general application. If any of the provisions set forth herein shall be declared void or unenforceable by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be deemed to have been modified to achieve, to the extent possible, the same economic effect as the original provision. Such condition shall be deemed to be deleted from these terms and conditions, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.
    • These general terms and conditions of sale in no case superimpose conditions that have been agreed in a particular way with customers through contracts, offers, invoices or specifically through any type of commercial agreement. The particular conditions of such contracts shall always prevail.
    • The customer has been informed that these General Terms and Conditions are available via the Tempel website.


    • Tempel, S.A., in compliance with the directives in force establishing measures to combat late payment in commercial transactions, establishes a maximum invoice payment period of 60 days from the date of issue.
    • The forms of payment accepted by Tempel, S.A. are: cash, transfer, confirming, direct debit. These conditions must be agreed with the customer at the time of registration, and may be modified subsequently with prior notification and always subject to prior approval by Tempel, S.A. In the event of opting for payment by direct debit, the SEPA document must be completed.


    •  Tempel, S.A., offers a discount system for prompt payment in the following cases:
      • 1.50% discount for cash, cash in advance or by bank transfer
      • 30-day direct debit bill invoice date discount of 0.50%.


    • Tempel, S.A. will only process orders confirmed and received in writing by e-mail. Orders received by these means constitute a commitment to purchase by the customer.
    • Late payment of any invoice by the customer, counted from the due date of the invoice, will result in Tempel, S.A. not continuing to supply products or accept new orders until the customer has paid the outstanding debt in full.
    • Prior to the acceptance of each order, Tempel, S.A., will carry out a risk study with the insurance company in order to minimise the risk in each sales operation. If during the process the customer is not granted risk, Tempel, S.A., reserves the right to establish the condition and method of payment, as well as the decision to accept and / or send additional orders.


    • Tempel, S.A. is responsible for the transport costs, within Spain and Portugal, depending on the type of product and total amount of the order. Consult current rates for the year on the Tempel website for carriage paid by minimum order. The published rates are an integral part of this document.
    • If the order or its partial shipment does not amount to the amounts indicated in the current rates for the year published on the Tempel website, or in cases of special services, urgent orders or shipments by agencies other than those established by Tempel, S.A. The order will be sent freight collect and may be sent by selecting one of the following options:
      • By the agency indicated by the customer, requesting that the postage be included in the invoice or charged at destination. In this case Tempel, S.A., will not be responsible for losses, damages or claims that may occur during shipment.
      • By a regular agency of Tempel, S.A. requesting that the postage be included in the invoice or charged at destination.
    • If an order is shipped and cannot be delivered for reasons attributable to the customer, the amount paid for shipping costs will not be refunded, and the customer will have to pay again other shipping costs for the reshipment of the goods.
    • The delivery time for orders is 24 to 48 hours on the peninsula and 48 to 96 hours in the rest of Spain, if the order has been placed and payment of the amount has been confirmed in the account of Tempel, S.A., before 11:00 am (in summer and every Friday of the year) and before 13:00 (the rest of the year). Delivery times may vary depending on the availability and delivery times of transport agencies, for which Tempel, S.A. is not responsible due to circumstances beyond our control.
    • The responsibility of Tempel, S.A. is limited in cases of force majeure (strikes, adverse weather conditions that prevent normal traffic by land, sea or air...). In these events, orders will be delivered as soon as possible, and the deadlines indicated may vary.
    • Orders are always delivered on working days; Saturdays, Sundays and local, regional or national holidays are not considered in the delivery times.
    • Tempel does not offer urgent deliveries within its services, if the customer requires it, it must be notified in advance and will assume the costs related to it. This service is subject to prior approval by Tempel.
    • Tempel, S.A., reserves the right to select the transport agency, considering the customer's location.
    • If the shipment corresponds to material in storage for testing, the customer shall always be responsible for the shipping costs.


    • Cancellation of orders
      • A firm order is a purchase commitment that CANNOT be cancelled.
      • Special situations must be communicated in writing to Tempel, S.A. to be assessed and to determine whether it is possible to process the cancellation with our suppliers.
      • Any cancellation approved by Tempel. S.A. will have a penalty of 20% of the sale value of the cancelled material.
    • Return of purchased material
      • The customer can request the return of the order during the following periods 15 days from the date of the goods delivery note. Returns will be evaluated and approved in advance, under the following conditions and must have prior authorisation from Tempel S.A.:
        • The material delivered does not correspond to the order placed by the customer.
        • The material has arrived damaged, has manufacturing defects or quality problems that are in no way attributable to damage that occurred during transport.
        • The material presents quality problems that have not been resolved in the support and RMA services that Tempel, S.A. can offer you.
        • All material authorised for return must arrive at Tempel S.A., complete and in correct condition. Any anomaly detected will cancel the authorisation of this return.
        • If the customer has purchased previously tested products, he cannot return these products if they do not correspond to the samples he has tested or if they do not correspond to the quality normally found on the market or to the promised quality.
        • All returns must be processed through Tempel's RMA department by requesting the service by email:
        • Tempel, S.A. will issue a credit note for the amount corresponding to the cancellation, which will be applied as compensation in subsequent invoices.


Date of publication 02/05/2023 Version 3

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