The importance of lighting in fashion.

Every day more and more fashion brands are betting on generating visual experiences in their stores. Architecture and interior design take on full relevance every time a new fashion store opens in any part of the world.

Colors, spaces, sensations, atmospheres... must be fused and integrated in the same package. But what is the importance of lighting in all this?

In the case of lighting for fashion or clothing stores, the luminaires must be installed according to each of the areas of the establishment. The need to adapt the correct lighting in facade, showcase area, the central tables or pastel tables, the shelves, the hangers or holders, the deposits, the fitting rooms, the cashier and the counter, is paramount, since it must be adapted to a certain phase in the sale or customer experience and each one must have its personality to achieve adequate lighting according to their functions.

Another fundamental feature is the heat or temperature emanating from the lighting, which should be emphasized, on the other hand, lighting efficiency, as it depends on its control, i.e., the use of power regulation, sensors and presence detectors, or a good design that makes the most of natural light.

In our projects, we are always committed to recommend our clients the best technology, as in this case, LED technology. In this case, we performed the consultancy and audit, as well as the installation of LED lights and strips in fashion stores of one of the most famous international retail chains. We managed to create a better atmosphere, improve the tones of the corners, and generate a better visual experience for the customer.

LED technology is characterized by its high energy efficiency. LED lights consume between 80% and 90% less energy than traditional lights.



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