At Tempel Group, we have sold and installed 100 industrial computers. MIC-710AIX-00A1 from Advantech.

Which one is the is the application?

These are PCs that are installed on roads to report traffic conditions. Thanks to the technology Nvidia can easily calculate the flow of traffic, how many trucks, how many cars per hour pass through, which indicates the traffic density and type of vehicle, as well as know what the peak hours are.

All this information goes to a Cloud system that allows to analyse the data by weeks, months, years...

On the other hand, the MIC incorporates GPIOs that activate a light signal in the control area and verify where the incident is, as this could mean a traffic accident, breakdown..., or detect if there is an obstacle on the road, so that with the alarm on, the operator reacts immediately, does not wait for a call from emergencies, and it is he who notifies emergencies. The speed of reaction in these cases can save lives.

This equipment also allows cities to be smarter when the system is placed inside them, by telling drivers the state of the roads so that they can take alternative routes, automatically indicating if there is an accident or a breakdown ahead and notifying them of the time of alternative routes.

And now you can do all this more easily, economically and efficiently thanks to the processing of Nvidia cards in industrial and rugged PCs.

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