The importance of safety at work and stopping Epis.

One of the most demanded Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions is in occupational safety and PPE detection, based on real-time image and video processing by an automated system.

In sectors such as construction or industry, workers often operate in difficult or even dangerous environments, which can lead to occupational accidents caused by hazards in the work area.

For companies, the safety of workers in work areas is of vital importance, which is why all companies working in these sectors (industry, manufacturing, construction, etc.) must have an occupational risk prevention policy and plan.

Manual checking of the correct use of PPE often requires dedicated personnel, which can cause human error as well as additional cost.

Ideal for:

  • Access systems
  • Correct compliance with PPE
  • Zone and capacity control, among others...

The benefits of AI in occupational safety?

Automated and remote compliance auditing
Reduction of audit time
Audit compliance with regulations
Real-time alerts and alarms
Automated access validation
Compliance history and reporting

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