Tempel Groupas a leading company in new technologies, has started to distribute the new ozoniser Oozbein People-TM, indoor environmental cleaning device using a pioneering technology based on micro-ozonisation from the ceiling, which can be used to clean indoor environments. in the presence of people.

At pandemic We have experienced the need to disinfect spaces to take care of our health, and now it is possible in an easy and convenient way, as this device does not generate waste and its consumption is only 9Wh.

The technology it incorporates is the result of 19 years of research, the last 6 years of which have been carried out with the cooperation of the Department of Microbiology and Genetics, Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona. University of Salamanca. It performs a pathogenic environmental disinfection (viruses, bacteria and fungi), preventing airborne diseases, achieving a purified and odour-free environment.

Its efficacy is accredited by the international laboratory Eurofinsreaching a microbicidal elimination of 98.83%. This ozonator has the ability to eliminate viruses 10 times more resistant in its deactivation capacity than the SARS-Cov2 by means of tests carried out by INTANational Institute for Aerospace Technology, Ministry of Defence, Spain. In addition, it is distinguished in the market for being certified as a product in safety and efficacy, by Applus+.

What is its added value?

Oozbein People-TM works by contact and not by concentration, Its technology is based on the high oxidising power of ozone, disinfecting by contact and not by saturation like most similar devices on the market. This means that it can be used with human presence in the room where it is in operation. In addition, its 100% Spanish manufacture, no maintenance or filter changes required.

The ozonator creates horizontal curtains of ozone from the ceiling, which, once formed, begins to decant into the atmosphere. In this downward movement, the ozone reacts with any pollutants it encounters, converting back into oxygen after this reaction, cleaning the air and thus achieving a purified and odour-free environment.

It has been proven that it does not take a certain concentration of ozone to kill pathogens, but rather to contact them, and this is possible from the roof with a small amount of ozone through decanting.

It is a natural self-cleaning system which acts to disinfect pathogenic environmental contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

It requires no maintenance and has a service life of 15 years. A great advantage in the market.

At present, this ozonator is installed in hospitals of international reference, such as the University Clinic of NavarraIn addition to dental clinics, in hotels, offices, notary offices, bus companies, restaurants, lifts... as it is ideal for any place where there are a large influx of people.

At Tempel Group you will be able to get this innovative product with immediate delivery.




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