Embedded Solutions

Embedded solutions range from equipment with fanless chassis to boards in different formats. In both cases we have the experience and technical capacity to integrate these solutions by performing Gateway functions with different Cloud, programming in CODESYS, NodeRed, device management,...
The flexibility of our embedded solutions allows us to offer them in any vertical market (energy, industry 4.0, logistics, retail, machinebuilding,...).


The Boxer-6639 is AAeon's and Tempel's best-seller. Thanks to its wide range of processors, from Intel Pentium-Celeron to Intel core i7, it is the ideal machine for any type of application, from the simplest to the most complex.


The Boxer-6641, following in the footsteps of the 6639, has expanded the range of processors that can be used. In this case they are 8th and 9th generation processors, ranging from Intel Pentium and Celeron to Intel core i7 and with the addition of Intel core i9 and Xeon.


A compact PC dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, which can perform quality inspections of end products for faults.


The EPIC-BT07, has different versions depending on the Celeron or Atom processor that mounts and also has a version with extended temperature range, to develop solutions in extreme environments.


The tKino-ULT6 mini-ITX board offers the latest and most powerful technology at the service of the most demanding solutions. It has 4 versions depending on its processor, one with a Celeron processor and 3 others with Intel core i processors of eleventh generation.

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