At Tempel Group we offer solutions designed to operate in harsh environments, complying with certificates that ensure high performance in extreme conditions.

We have a wide range of ruggedized solutions, including tablets and laptops. These products are intended for professionals dedicated to emergency services, military personnel, security, maintenance services, transportation and logistics, among others.

In addition, our team of engineers is able to design custom HW solutions that complement the portfolio of our suppliers. We can design dockstations, enclosures, custom housings, while our production department has extensive experience in assembling these types of solutions.


The notebooks we offer range in size from 11" to 15.6" with a wide range of different connectivity, high brightness screens and state-of-the-art processors. The weight of these equipments is very low and some are under 2.5Kg.

Rugerizadas Tablets

The tablets in our catalogue range in size from 7" to 14" and all can be mounted on vehicles. The latest models have the latest generation of processors, offering an improved user experience. They can also be completed with different software solutions.


Our engineering team is continuously developing customized solutions that include everything from custom design, to assembly with our production team, to testing and repair in our RMA laboratory.

Consult us about your project and we will offer you the best solution. TEMPELGROUP 360º

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