Three-phase inverters. Refined. Powerful. Flexible.

The R series inverter range is aimed at three-phase motors, commercial and industrial installations, offering unmatched performance and versatility for increased yield potential and longer generation windows.
The three-phase R series offers models from 75 to 136 kWh.

  • Intelligent I / V curve function
  • DC and AC SDP type II
  • Chain current monitoring
  • AFCI function
  • Power line communication
  • Intelligent scanning and diagnostics I / V
  • PID recovery
  • LED+Bluetooth application
  • Degree of protection IP66 and C5
  • 16A inrush current, compatible with bifacial module
  • PV string, current monitoring
  • Intelligent, I/V curve function
  • Arc fault, circuit breaker function
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