With an ultra compact and lightweight design it is perfect for holidays, travel, emergencies and camping as it can be connected to car coolers, car vacuums, electric screwdrivers, drones.

Size(mm): 167×100.3×213
Weight:2,2 Kg
Capacity: 222 KWh, 20 Ah/ 11.1 V (60,000Ah, 3.7 V), lithium-ion battery
AC Power Max: 100W
DC Power Max: 150W
Full charge time: 10-11 hours
Recharge: Adapted to DC 15 V/ 4.5 Ah
Cigarette lighter socket: 12 V
Exit Shuko: Modified Wave
USB output: 2 *USB-C / 3 *USB-A
DC 12 V output: 3 *DC 9-12 V / 10 A
Temperature: -10 ºC - 40 ºC
Lifetime: >500 cycles
Power indicator: LED light
Lantern: Yes
LCD display: Yes

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