Do you use an electric toothbrush or a scale? We regularly handle devices that use Batteries. Panasonic It is the world's largest manufacturer of batteries and Tempel Group is distributed exclusively in Spain and Portugal. These products are made according to strict European regulations and are transported under standards that ensure their physical integrity. We also offer a personalized advice service and a large stock.

Alkaline batteries

Our range of batteries is of maximum power and offers endless uses. In addition, our R & D Studies They guarantee an antileakage safety and expiration of up to 10 years. The information that appears in the blisters advises the consumer about their possible applications, thus favouring a correct choice.

Rechargeable batteries

Protect the environment and your economy using Rechargeable batteries. They are sold with a 80% battery, so you will have them immediately. In addition, buying one of our Chargers You can recharge them even 1000 times more. Due to its fantastic quality and low level of self-discharge they provide constant energy for 12 months.

Special batteries

The special batteries have an immense variety of applications: they are used for the remote control of the parking, the headphones or any of your watches. We cover all your needs as difficult as they may seem. In the wide range of Panasonic Batteries You will find the product you want.

Advice at the point of sale

Power your sales with Tempel Group. We offer all the materials you are looking for to energize your Point of Sale. We transform your business space into a more flashy place and provide greater visibility to your items.

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