What happens when you find projects that need to be promoted in a sustainable way, and when you have to find solutions to maintain a wind farm that, although it is first generation, still generates "green electricity"?

In these cases, you must select from the different product alternatives, those that are most in line with the objective of the product. If we had to define it with key words, we would obviously talk about #service, #support, #sustainability and #reliability.

VRLA batteries of the type AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), were invented in the middle of the last century and popularized in the 1980s. Their use was for military aviation, as a starter battery in vehicles and in power systems, so they were the star product for thousands and thousands of solutions in the market since their launch for industrial use.(If you want to know more about the history of batteries click here )

But do we really know all the advantages of these #lead-acid batteries?

A VRLA battery "Valve Regulated Lead Acid"(valve-regulated lead-acid battery), more commonly known as a sealed battery or maintenance-free battery, is a type of battery that is #rechargeable with superb performance.

Although the fact that it is maintenance-free is still not 100% real, it is true that it does not require constant maintenance, only the verification of #reload and #discharge parameters. The fact that it does not require ventilation also helps with maintenance and installation.

But what about adaptability in projects where specific # environments can make them difficult to sustain?

 The ?technologyAGM or internal gas recombination lead batteries, are very common for use #stationaryThe system is in "floating" mode and is normally installed in a UPS*They are ideal batteries for constant charging. When the power is cut off, lead-acid AGM batteries supply power to your devices.

We can also find them applied to specific uses such as



With regard to its assembly, it can be applied in any orientation (except with the #numbers down) and its large storage capacity at a lower cost compared to other technologies makes it an ideal product range for large projects and solutions with high quality standards.


*A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply. They are devices that are used to provide protection against electrical problems and power outages (also known by its acronym in English #UPS , Uninterruptible Power Supply).

A success story, not to be forgotten:

This #TGSUCCESSCASEThis is one of the projects we are most proud of in recent years, due to the proximity of the solution to our values as a company, in which the #sustainability and the need to contribute in the environmental field, occupy a large place in the development of our solutions.

Sealed lead acid batteries continue to prove an effective energy storage and distribution option for projects that include frequency regulation, wind and solar generated electricity, and local power grids.

Do you want to know in depth how we help in the renovation of more than 600 wind turbines annually in our #Parishioners national?

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