We implement the new standard ISO 9001 in its version 2018

On July 24th and 25th, we carried out the external audit that we present annually to preserve our quality certification. However, this year we face it with some peculiarities. The first was directly related to the implementation of the SAP program and the change that involved the company's processes in logo, and the second was related to the preparation of the re-certification of quality and the implantation of the new standard ISO 9001 in its version 2018.

This approval showed the value and quality of the company's management systems. We were also allowed to continue our distribution activities of electronic, electrical, computer and communications products and components, the integration and assembly of industrial computer systems and communications networks.

In Tempel Group We adapt our quality management system by carrying out various actions, including the Constitution of a committee, Internal meetings to share changes and integrate them into our operations or conducting internal audits to verify the conformity of our new system.

What is it ISO?

The ISO regulations provide companies with An essential quality certificate when it comes to generating confidence and offering positive standards and an added guarantee value for the consumer of a particular service or product. It also gives the company Greater competitiveness in the face of the business of the sector.

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