MoxaTempel Group partner and leader in communication and industrial networksThe new EDS-2000-EL series of unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches with 5 to 18-port options and Gigabit combo ports that allow more nodes with higher bandwidths to be reliably connected.

This new Moxa product features Quality of Service (QoS) and Broadcast Storm Protection (BSP) configurable via DIP switch which facilitates expansion into reliable and easy-to-use networks. All this in a very compact format that allows the product to be adapted to any industrial application.

With regard to its dimensions, its very small size stands out in an exceptional way; since this unmanaged switch The basic range for industrial automation is the size of a credit card that allows it to fit any industrial cabinet.


There are no longer any excuses for being able to guarantee a connection Reliable Ethernet, with features QoS and BSP, with this unmanaged switch that fits in the palm of your hand.

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