The good weather begins and, with it, the resurgence of the getaway plans. Crowds of people of different ages begin to look for cooler areas and, if possible, with bathing areas. Nature continues to be one of the priorities when it comes to excursions in this period when the heat is at its peak.

However, if there is one negative thing to be said about nature escapes, it is that the lack of electricity. Faced with this problem, we have the definitive solution so that you don't get stuck on one of these summer excursions. It is about our KAISE portable batteries,

Connect all your electronic devices and enjoy to the fullest.

At Tempel Group we have a wide range of portable power banks capable of supplying electricity to a wide range of devices, suitable for products with a maximum power consumption of 450W, which is no limitation for the usual devices we use on a daily basis.

kaise batteries


In addition, the batteries Kaise have models of different capacities. Depending on the requirements, energy fields can be made available ranging from from 88.8W/h to 444/W/h. This provides a great flexibility which allows the batteries to be able to adapting to different needs and customs of those adventurous people who tend to take summer getaways to the great outdoors.

The portable batteries are equipped with different possibilities of operation, providing a differential value and a solution to the rapid energy consumption.

Among the most common are the following:

  • Campsto support caravans or other devices.
  • Long journeysnecessary to charge children's entertainment devices such as remote-controlled cars, games, etc.
  • Getaways: charging of mobile devices and cameras.
  • DronesFor the most avid audiovisual enthusiasts, running out of battery in a drone in the middle of a session is a real drama. With batteries Kaise this problem disappears.

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