A few years ago, when we talked about Artificial Intelligence, it seemed that we were talking about science fiction movies. However, nothing could be further from the truth, Artificial Intelligence is that future that has become present and that transmits us that fresh air to the new technological era, and at this point, we must rethink...

What is Artificial Intelligence and what is it composed of?

Artificial Intelligence is the creation of machines that feel, reason, act and adapt. For this purpose, symbolic reasoning, logic, expert systems or knowledge representation technologies are used, which can perform basic tasks such as planning or diagnostics.

Within AI we can highlight Machine Learning, which uses data to improve processes with more complex technologies, such as neural networks or pattern recognition, allowing robotics tasks, chess (IBM's Deep Blue in 1997) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Finally, the last link would be Deep Learning, which consists of training neural networks with big data, using recurrent or convolutional neural networks and providing solutions for voice recognition or image recognition.

AI: a new way of programming.

In the traditional way what we did was to analyze the data, executing the program to obtain a result.

In this new era and thanks to Deep Learning, what we do is "train" the machine by giving it the result we want as the main data, and as an essential tool, an extensive database.

This is very common in software for devices (IOS, Android...). As an example and now that dogs and cats are so fashionable on the net, to get a program X, we would show a sample of 5,000 photos of dogs and cats indicating in each case what they are (master data, breed, color, country ...) and we would get "the program", then check the percentage of success with another different set of photos, correcting the training until we reach our goal.

Our program would be ready to identify dogs and cats!!! !!!!

What new applications does this new way of programming bring us?

As we have mentioned, we currently have an endless number of applications on our smartphones, but also, with the COVID still hitting us in the business environment, we can apply AI as a solution to monitor access control and ensure that the body temperature is correct, as well as that the user is wearing the mask. It is as simple as creating an access control to different locations where access can only be granted if we are wearing a series of elements or PPE (helmets, boots, reflective vests, masks, goggles, etc.).

In this sense and for different markets, solutions are available, such as AGVs (Self-Guided Vehicles) for the automatic management of warehouses, medical robots to assist in certain tasks with patients, access control to car parks, SmartCities or management of abandoned luggage at airports, among others.

That is why from Tempel Group, a company with over 43 years of experience and in collaboration with our partner AAeon we are convinced that these new solutions are key to streamline our industrial systems, and therefore, we are committed to this type of PC's so innovative dedicated to Artificial Intelligence such as the BOXER-8331AI.

This type of compact computers allow us to perform quality inspections of the final product looking for faults (for example, a missing component) and / or quality defects (size or shape of the board or poorly installed component).

Today, the reinforcement learning technique can be managed with products such as the Boxer-8331AI that would control the robot during the training phase, and speed up the process by using human assistance to perfect the task to be performed.


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