Within our Energy Division, we are specialists in the supply of batteries and industrial packs, as well as in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of intelligent systems of energy storage.
It is based on batteries with different electrochemical technologies, mainly in lithium-ion, and its main objective is to improve the Energy efficiency of the users through the integration of BESS solutions ("Battery Energy Storage Solution") in LV-Low Voltage DC and HV-High Voltage DC. Other advantages added to this type of systems are the savings on electricity bills, back-up systems for critical circuits, frequency and voltage regulation, integration with renewable systems, balancing of peak consumption on the demand curve, sustainable energy transition and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Tailor-made products and solutions, all in one.
Within the portfolio of products and turnkey solutions, we have BESS systems from 48V to 1500V, fully scalable, covering the different energy needs from tens of kW to MW.
The Smart Energy systems with lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) in LV (48V) parallelizable, allow to obtain up to 134kWh in a volume of approximately 0.75m3.
For this reason, they are ideal for installations where space availability is limited and the accumulated useful energy required is low or medium, as they are particularly suitable for installations with telecommunications and small and medium-sized plots of land.

Battery Energy Storage Solutions
With HV solutions (up to 1500V) it is possible to achieve massive energy storage on a large scale. They are especially interesting for consumption demands from 500kW and upwards and different applicability scenarios.
as "peak shavingfor industrial environments o residential, demand management, frequency regulation, smart microgrids with low environmental impact and integration with renewable energy generation sources, peak shifting and reserve power.
This type of project can be designed so that the battery banks can be integrated into specific metal cabinets for the storage of energy modules, which can be installed in any building or under the concept of containers of different sizes, power and available useful energy.

The total demand for batteries for the stationary storage and electric transport, according to the latest BNEF forecasts, will amount to 4,584 GWh by 2040, which will mean that this type of solution will become the mainstay of the energy transition of companies.

Tempel Group is the strategic technological ally to successfully meet the challenges of this new energy model.


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